Obesity in India: Challenges and way forward

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Sanjit Dey
Kaushik Bharati


Obesity is a complex metabolic disorder characterized by excessive fat accumulation that can trigger many health issues in the long run. The global burden of obesity has tripled since the seventies. As of 2016, there were 1.9 billion overweight adults, of which 650 million were obese.1 In the same year, 135 million individuals were affected by obesity in India.2 It is projected that the prevalence of obesity in India will triple by 2040. Importantly, the prevalence of obesity in India by 2040 will be 9.5% in men and 13.9% in women.3
Therefore, the obesity scourge can be considered to be a “ticking time bomb,” ready to explode at any moment and will impact large populations across all age groups in both rural and urban areas

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