The paper once submitted cannot be withdrawn. Alteration or inclusion of any name of the author(s) is not permissible subsequently after initial submission of the article/paper. 

Full-length papers should not normally exceed 4000 words.

Manuscripts should be submitted online only through the submission platform. By any other mode manuscript will not be accepted for review. 

The manuscripts should be concise and arranged as follows:

  • Title page - Title, List of authors (Family name, First name), Affiliation(s) of author(s), ORCID of all Authors, Communication details (including email) of corresponding author (*). No other page should contain the names of authors.
  • Abstract page - Title, Abstract (200 words, structured), Keywords (maximum 6), Running title
  • Introduction - Background of the work, updated and relevant reveiw of literatures, hypothesis. 
  • Materials and Methods,
  • Results (Data should be presented in Sl units, except B.P. which should be expressed in mm Hg.),
  • Discussion,
  • Acknowledgements,
  • References,
  • Table(s),
  • Figure legend(s), and
  • Figure(s).
  • Declaration: The author(s) shall have to submit a Declaration on the following points: (i) the article/paper has not been published or sent for publication in any other journal earlier, (ii) the copyright of the article/paper is given to The Physiological Society of India. The paper shall not be accepted without receiving this Declaration from the corresponding author.

References must be in standard Pubmed Vancouver Format followed by in-text citation numbers in ascending order. Intext citation must be in ascending order and superscript. 

Figures and Tables: These should be kept to the minimum necessary to convey essential data, and should be numbered and marked properly. Legends or captions accompanying illustration should be typewritten on separate sheets but their position in the text should be indicated in the manuscript. Illustrative material should be in such a form as to admit photographic reproduction without retouching, redrawing, or setting marginal types.